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What is Luna Productions?

Luna Productions is a one woman enterprise with the purpose of introducing a strongly visual dimension into life through photography. With my images I want to express presence in the current moment and convey its infinity - there is no other time but now. It is a thought that never ceases to intrigue me, and it is one of the most complicated lessons life has to give.

From the summer of 2011 I have opened, together with my partner Johan Myhrer, a small gallery named after the snowblizzard so typical of the island Öland: FÅKus.
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Contact information:
Rita Michelsson
Rita (at)
mobile +46(0)701 403318

Who is Rita Michelsson?


An odd combination of Finnish no-bullshit attitude and practicality, and an Italian absolute necessity for beauty and good company probably says it all.

I have spent my childhood in Villa Opicina (Trieste, Italy), and was only twelve when moving to Finland, my mother's homeland. Nowadays I live surrounded by the splendid nature and unique light of the island Öland, situated on the south-eastern coast of Sweden.

A thin red line keeps running throughout my life, that being my love for art. I have completed the first year of art history at the open university of Helsinki, given a try painting, that being mostly an enjoyment for myself rather than the viewers, and finally applied to a study program in traditional art photography at Västra Nylands Folkhögskola in Karjaa (Finland), which I completed as best of the class. Encouraged by the positive attitude of my teacher, and the fairly good results, I have been investing more and more time and energy in photography.

Hoping that You will enjoy my pictures shown in the “Gallery” -section I wish that You will refrain from copying or publishing them in any form (digital or printed). You are welcome to contact me at Rita(at) if You are interested in further co-operation within photography.

Please feel free to enter my virtual Gallery (note that not every link is active yet) and I hope You will enjoy Your visit.

Would you like to buy a picture?

Picture from De Glömda

You are welcome to take a look in the Galleries where you can see a small selection of pictures. If you are looking for a certain motif feel free to contact me: I might have what you are looking for in my archives. Alternatively I can take an assignment.

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